Pensaar is setting stage in India for the ultimate revolution in Design Thinking. Embodying the mission to raise awareness about design thinking and its impact ‘The Design thinking Summit’ is a giant leap in that innovation focused direction. A dream to revolutionize design thinking took the form of the summit.
Design thinking being rooted in making, iterating and real-world learning, it succeeds in unlocking innovation. Customers/ end users today are spoilt for oice in a highly consumer driven world and hence there is a growing need to develop innovative products or services keeping them in mind.
Close on the heels of a very successful design thinking summit in July we took on the ambitious task of hosting a larger gathering of 150 in August to continue our journey in making design thinking a mind set in India and make it a part of your everyday process.
The event was designed to be
     Unconference style
  •  Experiential
  • Hands on
  • Interactive, with opportunities to learn from experts and from each other
The Unconference
The team worked hard to curate and build an unforgettable design experience for the participants through
 Interactive installations
 a ‘thread of thought’ for people to jot down their ideas
A colorful ‘show us how you feel’ bowl to track people’s feelings through the course of the event and a beautiful ‘message in a bottle’ giveaway. All this while keeping Design Thinking at the heart of the event.
A fun balloon ice breaker which quickly moved into a fishbowl discussion Fishbowl method emphasizes on listening being as important as speaking. It allowed interested candidates to step onto the dais and share their experiences and perception of design thinking. It paved the way to an open ended discussion while keeping everybody engaged.
Experiential learning- Pecha Kucha
Pecha Kucha is a presentation format where 20 images are shown, each for 20 seconds. Participants from the summit in July shared their trials and tribulations with using design thinking. They each found opportunities in their own rights and unique spaces to use design thinking intelligently and creatively.
Hands on Learning Workshops
Unconference style workshops and discussions where the participants could choose where they wanted to go.
Lakshman Pachineela Seshadri, Chief Consultant and VP-Services Innovation, SAP India Pvt Ltd Workshop: “Design thinking- Fast forward”
Lakshman Pachineela Seshadri, Chief Consultant and VP-Services Innovation, SAP India Pvt Ltd Workshop: “Design thinking- Fast forward”
The Intuit India team Workshop:“How to make Bangalore a happy place to live using rapid prototyping techniques”
Harshit .D, Digital transformation, UX Strategist- KPMG Workshop:“Design intelligent cars using empathy maps, understand extreme users and user driven prototyping”
The goal was to allow participants to experience hands on approaches to learning design thinking by means of interesting and varied challenges.
The regular round table format having been employed often we changed it up and used fun and interesting techniques to keep the audience engaged.
A great technique to ensure everybody plays a key role
  • Divide the audience into 4–6 research groups.
  • Each research group researches about the topic from a specific sub-topic or viewpoint.
  • Each research group’s members become ‘experts’ on their topic area.
  • Rearrange the groups so as to finish with one representative from each of the original groups.
Deepa Bachu- CEO & Co-Founder, Pensaar drove her discussion around “-----“
World Café
The goal is to build on an idea by periodically shuffling between different groups ideating on the same topic while incorporating fresh ideas/perspectives with the ones generated at the table.
Mohan Krishnaraj-Associate VP, User Experience(Litehouse) at Harman International led the discussion on “The Hot Pursuit of Innovation: Leveraging Empathy, Diversity and Collaboration”
Socratic Dialog
A Socratic seminar is based on the Socratic theory that  questioning and exploration of a topic will lead to deeper understanding.
Sangeetha Saradha- Principal Product Manager at Quicken Inc. spoke about “Data driven decision making”
The day ended on a high note of awards, giveaways, networking and a super charged piñata game. Pensaar got to walk away with a deep sense of satisfaction on having achieved another milestone in our long journey to revolutionize design thinking